EYAL Plate Final and Other Weekend Results!

EYAL Plate Final

Our Juniors capped of their successful season of finishing in the top 10 of the EYAL by finishing 4th in the plate final on Sunday afternoon. Well done everyone!

Match results:

PLATE FINAL at Stevenage
1 THURROCK 607.5 B13
2 CHELMSFORD 596 G13,W17
3 STEVENAGE & NH 514 B15,M17
4 WATFORD 469.5
5 BEDFORD 465 G15

Individual results (not yet available but will appear here): https://www.thepowerof10.info/results/resultslookup.aspx


Bedford Half Marathon (Included Club Vet Half Marathon Champs)

128. Angie Adcock 1.32.35

377. John Renton 1.47.01

Full results: http://racetimingsolutions.racetecresults.com/Results.aspx?CId=16269&RId=902&EId=1


London Spitfire 10K


104. Joe Renton 51.27

105. John Renton 51.27

Full results: https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/the-spitfire-10k-london/2018


Ladywell 1000


14. Ross Connor 35.55

Full results: Full Ladywell 10000 Results 2018


‘The Beast’ Swanage 13 miles


151. Mikk Bradley 2.14.08

Full results: http://pooleac.co.uk/club-events/the-beast/previous-results/

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