Endurance Academy @ Leavesden Junior Parkrun


Following on from a successful outing at the Bushey Junior races a few weeks ago, 9 of our Endurance Academy athletes made a welcome return to Leavesden Junior parkrun. It was a beautiful sunny morning and once again they showed off the hard work they’ve been putting in at training and quite frankly the results speak for themselves!

1. Archie Baker 07:49

2. Oliver Duncan 07:52

3. Aiden Simmons 08:00

4. Mitch Ball 08:11

8. Jacob Mendes da Costa 09:09

11. Gina Luckhurst (2nd Girl) 09:19

14. Skye Duffy (3rd Girl) 09:25

19. Tierney Roche 09.53

24. Tara O’Donovan 10:04

Full results can be found here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/leavesden-juniors/results/latestresults/


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